terça-feira, 21 de agosto de 2007

Has she forgotten?

when did i wake
into this dream
i must have been the only person in the world
who didn't know who she was

but my world would never be the same again
- drive!
when she came int my life
- it's beautiful up here! everything seems so peaceful!
who are you?
- i'm a dancer! i love to dance!
didn't matter... i knew who she was... to me...
Come away with me...
- I love you...
(you must be there tomorrow)
- I don't care about tomorrow...
It's the right thing to do...
- No one can steal our dream... no one...
- Goodbye!

And then she was gone...

Has she forgotten?
i know...
i will not
her kiss
her smile
her perfume

Sem palavras...

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